Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The Globe Theatre

Most of William Shakespeare`s plays were performed at the Globe theatre. The Globe Theatre was built in London in 1599 by The Lord`s Chamberlain which is Shakespeare`s playing company. It held around 3000 people, sitting and standing. It opened 1599 and it is believed that Henry V was the first play to be performed there. It was destroyed 14 years later by fire during the play Henry VIII. A cannon used as a prop misfired and ignited the wooden beams of the theatre. However a second Globe theatre was built in the same place just a year later. The new Globe theatre stayed open until the Puritans closed it down in 1642, it was then pulled down around 1644. A reconstructed Globe known as Shakespeare`s Globe stands just 230m from the original site of the Globe.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Poem: Haiku

It sits there, staring Its beady black eyes watch me My old teddy bear

Last Weeks Most Inspiring Teacher

The most inspiring teacher Ive ever had was Mr Williams because he taught me alot of different things but he also made learning fun and interesting.

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Greatest Olympic Moment

The Greatest moment in Olympic history was when Usain Bolt completed the 100m dash in 9.69 seconds because not only did he smash the world record by just under 10 seconds but he actually slowed down towards the end anticipating his celebration of winning an Olympic gold medal. Also track events werent very interesting to watch and kids didnt have much interest in it but when Usain Bolt won gold everyone wanted to watch him race because of his speed. This is why I think this is the greatest moment in Olympic history

Friday, 1 June 2012

Collaborative Story

Its 1.00am and I’m walking aimlessly around Manurewa. The only other people I can see are creepy trannys and one elderly man wrapped up in blankets whose staring at me. I keep walking desperately hoping for a miracle. No miracles so far. I sit down on a nearby park bench and think back to how I ended up stranded in this dump. It all started at about 11.30pm when my friend Casey decided we needed to go and buy some Ice Cream. Unfortunately she only has her restricted license so she wasn’t allowed to take me but she forced me to get in the car with her. We drove to the dairy round the corner but it was closed. We tried supermarkets but all of them had closed at 11. “There`s a 24 hour supermarket in Manurewa we could go there.” I told her. We took a left turn at the next lights and headed to Manurewa. I looked at the clock and read 12.15am. I then look over to Casey who is dosing off. “Casey!” I yell trying to wake her up. “Casey!” I yell again in a desperate attempt before we cross over the center lines. “Casey!” I scream as I see the oncoming headlights.